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Book crazy

I have been reading quite a bit ever since I went on holiday.

I am enjoying this so much because even though most of the novels am reading have been prescribed for my course next year, I just love reading so much.

I find it therapeutic. And. If you happen to be a dreamer like I am, reading gives me the opportunity to relate with a character. Most protagonists in the novels I’ve read become my family.


Ive just been feeling quite uneasy lately.

I need someone to vent to about novels that I expect to be good but turn out horrible.

Also I have been talking about books ever since I got home and I think my dad will move out of the house soon if I start another conversation with “Dad! Have you read…..”


Over the next few weeks, this blog is going to be that friend that I speak to when I fall in love with a novel and when I absolutely loathe what I have just read.

Also I missed blogging. Writing this feels really good.

See you soon xxxx