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Beauty, mistakes and life lessons

Highlights from the Tsitsikamma Mountain trail

Great things

  1. Fell in love with nature’s valley.
  2. Night walks on the beach are a must after this uni life.
  3. The Tsitsikamma Mountains are so beautiful.
  4. Walked through breath taking forests.
  5. The countless rivers we came across while hiking saved our lives. Thanks for keeping me hydrated and icing my sore ankle.
  6. The view at the hut on day two was mind blowing. Africa is beautiful.
  7. The huts we slept in had toilets and bathrooms. MASSIVE RELIEF. IN ADDITION, I really appreciated that the huts had mattresses to rest my sore legs and feet on.
  8. Met some awesome people from University and made some unforgettable memories.
  9. Will not forget the massive support I received from the team after I twisted my ankle.
  10. I did not want the hike to end but finally getting to eat something other than two-minute noodles or cuscus was everything.
  11. I have to give one big thank you to my family. I would not have done this without their love and continuous support.

Photos by: Marjorie Rugunda

Shitty things

  1. Fucking twisted my ankle
  2. Fucking decided to wear new hiking boots which destroyed my toes nails. My big toes are grey now.
  3. Fucking packed my bag with unnecessary food and clothes, which fucked up my hiking flow.
  4.  Fucking forgot to take a torch so I hardly saw anything at night.
  5. Fucking could not enjoy the hiking experience as I hoped because I was thinking of my injury most of the time.
  6. Fucking forgot to brush my teeth twice because I had to walk ahead of others because of my injury.
  7. Fucking loved our last meal at Storms River on day six BUT something needs to be done about that cheesy 50’s themed restaurant we had our lunch at. Who puts a sign up on a car that says the only people allowed to sit on an old vintage car, are women and they must be naked! Fucking infuriating.

Photo credits: David Kinsler

    Lessons learnt

  1. Must learn to park less when embarking on a hike for six days.
  2. Must never wear new hiking boots whilst on hike.
  3. Must cut toenails before hike.
  4. Must remember to brush when in a hurry.

 There is a silver lining…..

There are a number of things that may go wrong however, the hurdles I had to jump   during this hike made me realise that mental strength can take us a long way. Believing you can pick yourself up after you stumble is not easy but it is possible.



I really like happy feet!

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