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Ready, set, go?

I am finally getting a break from university for a week. It has been a tough and exhausting few months. However, I am so excited to be spending six days away from Grahamstown doing what I love best, HIKING!

I will be hiking the Tsitsikamma mountain trails with a group of about twelve people from the Rhodes University mountain club. We will be hiking for at least 13km for six hours every day.

This trail is apparently quite gruesome on some days but generally I have been told it is a manageable hike. We will be carrying our own bags and sleeping bags. Preparing our on food and even carrying our own toilet paper. Basically, it is a every man for him or herself situation.

 The Tsitsikamma mountain trail is my first official proper hike this year. I do not think am fit enough and quite frankly I have never been on a hike were I had to carry my food and prepare it myself. The thing that scares me the most is carrying unnecessary amounts of food and having it weigh me down during the hike. At the same time, I want to carry as much food as I can. Am not prepared to inconvenience others just because I was afraid of carrying excess weight. And the other is I have no idea if this trail requires proper hiking boots. Have any of you done this trail before? Can you help a sister out in terms of what take?

I will be leaving on Saturday 26th so I will not be blogging until I get back. However, before Saturday I will be sharing a few tips on how am getting ready and what I will be taking with me in terms of food, gear and clothing. L hope to hear some of your suggestions on what to pack and I also look forward to writing a piece about my experience and in addition sharing with you awesome photos from the Tsitsikamma Mountain trails.

Below I have attached some pictures from a 32km hike I did last year with the mountain club in the Groendal reserve.


Photo credits: David Kinsler




I really like happy feet!

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