Thanks Mt.Kenya

Two years ago while trying to skip Sunday study time at Greensteds International School Kenya. I decided to take it upon myself to join the hiking club. It was the best way to avoid doing any school work.

Mountain 2
Point Lenana (Mount Kenya)

Little did I know that this hike would have me asking my parents for funds to go on a five day hiking trip to Mt. Kenya.

To be prepare myself for one of the biggest challenges of my life.I went on several hiking trails in Nakuru Kenya. After months of planning, I finally geared up to climb Mt. Kenya.

I carried my own bags for the duration of the whole trip. The bags were weighing me down and I did have an option of having them carried by the amazing porters that accompanied us. But I wanted to challenge myself not just mentally but physically too. The porters also carried our food and did an amazing job in making sure we were nourished enough to keep on going.

Mountain 3
Catching our breath before embarking on another 5 hour hike to camp

Day 1: of the hike was a drilling 6 hour trek to the Austrian hut were we spent our first night. This day was particularly uneventful as we were all tired from our drive from Nakuru to Nanyuki North of Nairobi.

Day 2: was much more of a challenge. We got up at about 5am and begun an 8 hour hike to Shipton’s camp. We were accompanied by about 50 German army soldiers making their way to the summit as a part of their army training.

After endless meltdowns, laughter and dehydration we made it to Shipton Camp. We were served an early dinner of Ugali and beans and immediately sent off to bed. We were to rise at 2am to begin our summit to Point Lenana. The porters said it is better to summit in the dark as during the day Lenana looks impossible to climb. I was given the honor of leading our  group to the summit.

Mountain 4
The view before we  begun the final summit to Lenana

It was completely dark and the only thing guiding us was the torch attached to our heads. I was covered in multiple layers of clothing which made it difficult to climb. Despite all the layers I had on, the cold took a toll on me and I was left gasping for air on several occasions. Thanks to my wonderful teachers, I was offered both mental and medical support. My chest was burning but I pushed through and made it to Point Lenana.

The biggest challenge was having to convince myself that I am capable of doing the impossible. All in all it is a trek that I would recommend anyone to embark on.

Next on the agenda is the great Mount Kilimanjaro!!!




I really like happy feet!

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