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We celebrate you Marion!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Will Durant

My lovely sister Marion graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Computer Science  from the University of Cape Town, South Africa yesterday. It has  definitely not been easy journey. But I am so glad and lucky to have been around to witness her determination, persistence and over all patience in making sure she achieved her goal despite the hurdles. So proud of you Marion.

Here a few pictures from a very exciting and much awaited day.



I really like happy feet!

2 thoughts on “We celebrate you Marion!

  1. I see this post is very different to many of your others. Out of interest — do you have a defined target audience for your blog? (I ask because there is also some variation in my own blog posts and I sometimes wonder if that will put my readers off.)


    1. Thanks for pointing this out. At this point in time I was still trying to figure out where my blog was going and what exactly I wanted to share. I did not really have a defined target audience then but now that my blog is shaping up I guess my target audience is people who have a passion for travel and hiking.


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