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Africa’s Finest

As Africans we each have the power to subvert stereotypes and create our own stories. We are far from a dark continent, we are a continent surrounded by light, filled with love and drowning in creativity.

This week I met up with two awesome students from Rhodes University Grahamstown. They shared their passion for telling stories. These portraits for me are a way of sharing our diversity here in Africa as well as the passion we all share towards creativity.

Meet Kholeka Majola

Last year Kholeka was a third year Television student at Rhodes University. After working on a story focusing on African identity, she developed a growing passion for African discourses, African hair and stories. Today Kholeka is a fourth year multimedia student hoping to use her profiles and portraits to show the world that besides every story is a human being.

Image 1 (Kholeka Majola
I am Zulu, am black and am a woman”
Image 2 (Ethel Nshakira
“What is home is home to you?”           “Can it be one word? ”                            “Yes!”                                                          “Chapati.”

And the lovely Ethel Nshakira.

Ethel Nshakira is a Ugandan student studying a BA in Journalism at Rhodes University. As an African aspiring Journalist Ethel feels that there’s so many African stories that have never been told and others that need to be re-told. This is an exciting time for Ethel as she has the perfect opportunity to not only tell Ugandan stories but African stories at large. Being an African aspiring journalist Ethel is excited to use this platform to work with fellow Africans and change the narrative.



I really like happy feet!

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