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A letter to my mother tongue

Yebare (Thank you)

Mama, yebare kunejesa orurime rwanje. Webare kuba insistent gu nenje orurime gwowitu.  Tinkumana ku ngamba O’Ruyankole kurungi kwonka ndi determined kwega. Niyenda kwebaza Tata for being persistent and doing burikimwe to lecture us on the importance of our mother tongue.

Erizoba omu classi twaba tu yenga importance ywo orurimi rwintu. Nshanga ngu naba quite shy ku gamba abagenzi bange ngu nigamba O’Ruyankole omuka. Instead nabagambira ngu nitugamba oruswahili. I think part of me was afraid that they would not understand what the language is especially because most of my peers are from South Africa. So I choose to hide that part of myself and reveal a language that I thought would be more acceptable and I did not have to spend hours explaining what it was.

Mama, you have taught me to always be proud of who I am but I tend to find that whenever I am out of my home space and surrounded by people from similar backgrounds than mine I tend to shy away.  Omwegesa wintu  yangera ngu I need not to be shy of where I am from because that is what makes me, who I am today.

Mama na tata nibashaba okusasira haza nibebaza okunkunda nokunyegesa ngu okubo omuryankole nekintu kuba celebrated.

Yebare, yebare, yebare.



I really like happy feet!

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